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Just wanna know a trick...???? Creating you own harmless virus.... hehehe.... and make your friends scared of your VIRUS.. hehehe.. here it is.. Don't worry its not gonna harm your PC either its only a trick.

here' s the screen shot.. !!!

Open notepad and type the code below:

lol=msgbox ("Warning a virus has been detected on your PC. Press YES to format your hard disk now or press NO to format your hard disk after system reboot",20,"Warning")

Then save it as Virus.VBS

and go to the folder that contains it and open it if a window pops out saying a virus has been detected it's working. Press yes or no to close the window and put it in the startup folder of the victim's account.

On startup the window should appear.
Note: This does not harm your computer as it does not contain virus.

The Yes and no button does not do anything except closing the window.

1 Comments to “Make your own Harmless Virus!!!!”

Anonymous (June 23, 2009 at 1:20 PM)

thank you man.... are you sure it not gonna harm my PC..???