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Spyware Infections: A Step-by-Step Instructions Removal Guide


Read more about Spyware, Adware and Malware in Wikipedia. We'll focus mainly on the removal guide. So, here we go.

1. The first step you need to do is to try determining when your computer became infected. Was your computer infected after you installed some software? Did you visit adult websites with porn content, that are infected with trojans or backdoors? Did your kids played with your computer and visited unknown sites with games? If you don't know what may caused computer infection, try to view history in your browser. Write down suspicious websites and then post it in this topic. "Infections" may be bundled with software, so before installing new software always visit Softpedia and view the ratings. You will notice if there are any red marks or warnings.

2. Second, you need to install or run some software, that scans for infections. Download SpyBot S&D. When you successfully installed SpyBot, update your detection rules by clicking Search for Updates. Scan your computer and delete any spyware / adware entry.

3. Download and run AdAware. Check for updates. Scan and remove possible adware entries.

4. Download a small but useful tool called HijackThis. BE CAREFUL with this program. Save and upload your scan log to Destroy possible bad entries.

5. It's time to run up AntiMalware program. Download and run Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and kill the infections.

6. Scan your computer with AntiVirus! (I prefer NOD32. This process may take a few hours, if you have a lot of files on your disk. Go watch TV or something).

7. Well, I just can't remove spyware / malware on my computer. What shall I do? This may sound noobish and cheap, but you can copy and paste the malware's name into Google. Click Search. I'm sure that you will locate loads of removal guides out there.

8. It's still not enough to scan just with antispyware programs. You have to scan your computer with some AntiVirus software. Check out NOD32 or Kaspersky antivirus

HOW TO AVOID INFECTIONS: Don't visit many porn sites or porn galleries. Don't download cracks or other similiar tools, if you're not sure, if they contain malware. Scan them with AntiVirus software before you use them. Don't click on Ads and don't visit URLs, that you have in your email folder. Scan your computer at least once a month and update protections / scanning software. Avoid *.BAT files. Download releases only from trusted sources! If you can, don't use key generators or cracks. Try to use serials instead in plain text files or in NFOs.

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