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I miss someone and it is tearing me up inside, someone who's very special to me.
I'm wondering if she's alright. Hmmm still thinking of what to do. I think missing her could mean that we are in a very healthy relationship because I chooses to be with her at all times or we both choose to be with each other. hehehe.. It's not my fault. I can't force feelings not to miss her. Missing her can be quite hard on both people in a relationship, but I have to do normal stuff to keep myself busy. It's been already a week that we didn't saw each other because of our summer. I didn't expect I could miss her so much. I can not see her, feel her.It hurts to not be able to do that.I hate being without her. I'm trying my best to find a way to see her. I am doing the best I can. I know she loves me, so I take comfort from that when I miss her. And that's what Ive been doing for now. Everyday, when I woke up, first thing I thought about was you.

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