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Sms messages changed our way of communicating with each other, especially with our special someone. I get really annoyed if I am busy, and someone sends me sms message. hehehe.

However, every now and then I was waiting and thinking about my gf's messages, because she only sends me messages only once a day. Because she's so busy helping her mother in their business and I really understand that. That's why when she texted me before she's leaving their house, I just don't delete her messages in my inbox. It reminds me of her, because we didn't see each other for a week. That's why, I just keep myself busy with all these things around me because I miss her so much. However, so is she. But she finds some time to share her happy moments with me. And I really appreciate that. So, I just let her know, how happy am I receiving Sms messages from her.

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