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“i love you” see, here’s the thing . . . i don’t know how to say this but i really do have to let this out of my mind and heart. well, at first, i thought this thing that we had was just nothing but as days pass by and time keeps flowin’ i somehow realized that something has changed and things went out in a different way. and as i keep on falling, a distance comes along in between. and there’s this wall, a wall that was supposed to be destroyed just keeps getting strong. and the words..the words that was supposed to be spoken out are still kept inside being unspoken. and here i am just waiting..waiting for a chance to tell you this. so here i am being so vulnerable and lacking some courage and strength to show you how i feel. you may not feel the same but it’s okay, i’ll try to be fine and think about it no more.

i don’t expect too much, and i will not expect for more..because if i will, i’ll just hurt myself more, and by the fact that you’re already killing me. but there’s just this little things that i want you to know. that the words that you’ve read and you will soon be reading comes from my soul and they do mean a lot to me. and while i was writing this, i want you to know that by that moment i was thinking about you and i was wishing you were thinking about me too. so you may think that this is stupid and worthless and that this pieces of broken words is just a complete waste of time. well then let it be. but i hope you know that i really did take time for this just to let you know what i wanted for you to know for such a long time. i feel so sad for how i wish we were just strangers and that i didn’t know you. maybe it would have been much better, for we all know that nothing lasts forever. that way, you’ll be my nothing and if it means not having a fear of losing you then i’d be happy and you’ll be happy for we don’t know that we’ve lost each other because we don’t have each then, everything will be fine in between the two of us and no one will get hurt. so anyway, this is getting too far and the most important thing that i wanted you to know are just made up of three words. three last very important words that i haven’t said to your face since the day we’ve known each other. just three last words before i die . . . "i love you"

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