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Have you ever wondered what your children are doing on the Internet? Whom they have talked to and what pictures they have seen?
Are you suspecting your husband or wife is cheating on you? whom they emailed to? what movies they have seen? whom they have chatted with ?
Do you want to know what your employees are doing during work hours?
Here is a total solution. Golden Eye is a powerful spy tool and can tell you what and when they are really doing!

Golden Eye can spy:
* Keystrokes (username & password)
* Websites Visited
* Window Title of Programs
* File and Folder Operation
* Screenshot
* Windows Startup/Shutdown
* Exe File Path
* Instant Messenger
* Clipboard

// ** Note ** //
Run Golden Eye totally stealth, Invisible mode ensures that Golden Eye is completely hidden from everyone except you. Others can not see it in the Windows System tray, desktop, task Manager or in the Add/Remove in Control Panel. You can call it up with Hotkey you choose. Only you can launch or delete Golden Eye.


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