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Should I submit my site in different search engine, are the things that pop's up in my mind. Asking myself If It really increase the traffic of my blog. Before submitting your site, are you already aware what is a Search engine . Search engines use technology that crawls or spiders from website to website on the Internet. But its up to you weather you will submit your site or not, but for me I'm only providing you the links were you should submit your site to help those newbie out there.

Here are some of the diff. sites were you could submit your site.

Google -
Yahoo -
Cipinet -
Alexa -
Aesop -
Burf -
guruji -
Accoona -
Entireweb -
FyberSearch -
MixCat -
OneSeek -
WhatUseek -
Scrub The Web -
Search Site -
SonicRun -
Abacho - -
Amfibi -
homerweb -
Myahint -
Walhello -
Stopdog - -
eXactBot -
Megaglobe -
Find Once -
Net Search -
Susy Search -

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