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If your confuse what is "blue screen of death" or how to solve that
critical problem in Windows XP....

Here is my suggestion.....[]

I suggest reinstalling your OS, and reinstalling drivers etc. Its the best way to start again.or you may repair it running the boot mode.

or you can try:

Open C:\Windows\Minidump. Locate if there is a folder named minidump here. This is a folder in which system crash dump information is stored. All you need to do is download and install debugger tool for windows and install it on the system. Once done, this will be useful in cracking the information in the folder. This will let you know which file/driver is causing this blue screen to occur. You can download it from the following link.


Once downloaded, install it and open the program name Windbg in your program files. Click on File>open crash dump, browse to the C:\WIndows|minidump folder and open the dump file. Type !analyze -v and press enter. It will then show you the list of information. Locate the information named- Image info or Module_name. This will show you the name of the file causing the error. Search for this file name on google and it will come up with an application or a driver. Uninstall and reinstall that program. If that does not help, remove that program completely.

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