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This year I'm now officially a second year student of University of Immaculate Conception. yeepee... hay...Anyways im enrolled this school year at UIC taking classes again and again after the summer classes i had. Continuing the things i started when i was still in 1styear. This is were I learn to write my first codes, the loops, the conditions and the bunch of variables, My Basics, I owe it to Sir Exander, my programming professor. Thank you for explaining the lessons crystal clear. hehehe.. Im currently at 2th year taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

This year I think will be tough for me. Because of the subjects i have enrolled in this semester. My class officially started today at 7:30 am.

wish me luck and God help me...

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# Posted by chennn (June 17, 2009 at 5:23 PM)

go go!
strive for your survival!
tulad ko..ECHOS! hahaha :D