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I used to live a simple, happy life. I call it happy, but it was more happier when she came to my life. I think this day would be one of the happiest day I have.Because we've just celebrated something today. And its so especial for me. I cant really believe that we've gone so far already. My life is so beautiful because there is one girl who make me made feel this way. How I sometimes so little selfish when it comes to you because I don't want someone special like you to walk away from me. I don't want to miss her every moment of the day. Even seconds are too long to miss her. Loving her gives me a special feeling that brightens my days ,and the secret of its meaning is found in simple ways. I would do anything for her that's for sure. I can say I tried my best to have her In my life even though at the start I don't know how to court a girl. The time is blessed you share with me. My hopes are so high that you'll gonna be the first and last in my life. My heart is all yours to fill with your love or just burst it. Which ever you prefer. Stay quiet, stay near, stay close so that we will not get lost in this travel. This is the best day I can ever remember,I'll always remember and treasure it in my life. And the time on the clock when we realized it's already late, That moment we share together. I'm saying i love you because someday I couldn't.

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