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What else could I do but start a blog? I feel so happy and contented when I'm with my gf. Life seems perfect when I'm with her.I'm so happy today after not seeing each other for a week, we've finally met today. And there are so many fundamental parts of her character that I really like. A lot of the time, I feel like she actually like who I am. I do love my girlfriend and she loves me too, and at this precise moment in time we're very happy. I know my girlfriend gave up a lot to be with me. And I'm so happy about that, she really do it to be with me most of the time. She proved how much she loves me so far. She's more sensible, honest, loyal person to me. I really appreciate that. In return I'll be responsible to her and put her as my priority before myself. I would never have pictured myself not by her side. I've always chosen to put my issues on hold while I help her. I think it shows that I'm a good Bf hehehe. I have a girlfriend who loves me very much and treats me well. I do what ever I can to make her happy.

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